“I am so happy that we found Theresa for our maternity and newborn photo shoots!”

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It's worth keeping these memories for a lifetime because they grow up way faster than you'd like. Let's capture their sweet little cuddliness together. Contact us today to schedule your newborn experience!


How soon should I book my session?

I always advise to book in advance. I set a tentative (expecting to change) date to insure that your family gets on the calendar during the prime newborn time. I sometimes have spaces for babies that are already here, but inquire as soon as you can.

Where is your studio located?

The studio is located in Kingsland, GA right off US-17. The studio is fully equipped to execute your session with ease and comfort. Need to pump, we have a space just for you!

When will we need to schedule for the session?

Prime time for posed newborn sessions is anywhere between 7-14 days if there are no delays due to medical reasoning. Every artist is different, but this is my recommendation.

This is not to deter parents with older newborns. If your baby no longer falls us the newborn category I will suggest a milestone session. Still ask about a newborn session. Older babies can have them done as well, the session will just be a tad bit modified.

Do you provide the props and outfits or do I need to bring them?

I love hearing the sigh of relief when I tell my parents I have everything your see in the images above. I have the props, wardrobe (newborn, momma, 3m to 18m and girls 2T-5T), bonnets, headbands, crowns, floral crowns, backdrops and more. As a full service studio you do not have to worry about that.

I allow parents to provide sentimental items or even family heirlooms to personalize the session that much more. Just let me know!

Why are the sessions 2-3 hours long?

I believe in providing a baby-led session. I take my time and care for your baby while using my time efficiently. Your baby will need to eat, be changed and comforted into a deep sleep. I take my time posing your baby SAFELY!! I've spent years and have photographed over 100 babies to perfect the way I handle them. They are delicate and it takes time.

How do I prep for the session?

I always suggest feeding your little one the way they would normally eat for a full feeding. Dress them loosely to avoid marks on their skin. Even if breastfeeding, please bring a 1-2 spare bottles for feeding, a pacifier, diapers and wipes.

What is the turnaround time?

Your fully retouched gallery will be ready 2-3 weeks after your session. At that time we will sit down together at our scheduled ordering appointment where we go over products and your ideal collections to curate the perfect take home for your family.

My baby has acne/flaky skin. Should we reschedule?

Baby acne and flaking skin are all part of the newborn glory. It is normal, please dont feel bad about it. I professional retouch each final image. This is part of the experience and I embrace it fully. It will not be permanent so I do remove blemishes and flaky skin in post production.

However, birth marks and Mongolian spots are never removed as they are part of the newborn essence and disappear over time.

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So what's the next step?

Contact me today so we can get you on the calendar. I cant wait to meet your sweet little family! Contact me below.

So what's the next step?

Contact me today so we can get you on the calendar. I cant wait to meet your sweet little family! Contact me below.