The Story of Content Days

T. Reichert Photography has teamed up with many talented vendors around the great United States and beyond to bring photographers of all levels some amazing days of building content, relationships and confidence! A Content Days Stylized Shootout is a great time for photographers (regardless of skill level) to practice their craft, work on perfecting lighting and posing, all while trying out new techniques and/or ideas, in addition to building your portfolio without compromising the integrity of your business. The Content Days team focuses on creating the perfect environment, providing stunning models, maternity gowns, the occasional fresh & artificial flower crown, stunning venue settings and more. Content Days will organize the Stylized Shootout, coordinating with local vendors, ensuring each location is perfectly picturesque.

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So, why do this?

The shoots alone will boost your portfolio and completely change the type of clientele that you're bringing in. Attending a styled shootout in the past was the game changer I needed as a newbie. Like myself, you'll learn SO much from working alongside others and with the freedom to ask questions that you've been dying to talk about. But most importantly, you'll get beautiful content that you'll LOVE to show off, which will stir your business in the right direction. You will be able to show the work you actually want to share.

Content Days are organized every few months in different cities around the US. The event is open to up to 5-7 photographers that will break down into 3-4 photographers at a time, rotating amongst the styled models. Models will be adorned in sponsored wardrobe, floral elements, unique props along with professional makeup. Each shootout will have a different color scheme, vendors and look. The shoot out will wrap up with a group gathering at a local small business nearby (TBD) where we can continue the community, share in the successes of the shootout and go over any group questions. Tickets are non-refundable but can be re-sold if unable to attend.

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“I came to Theresa's styled shoot to build my portfolio and also to learn some new techniques. The experience was better than I could have imagined! Theresa was kind, welcoming, and answered all the questions I asked. I liked that she helped with everything, and we all took turns photographing the models. I did not feel like I had to cut in or photograph at awkward angles to get my turn. This was the best styled shoot I have been to! The trip from NC was more than worth it.”

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New York City ~ CLOSED

Atlanta, GA ~ CLOSED

Central Park NYC~ CLOSED

Salt Lake City ~ JUN 16, 2023

Houston, TX ~ OCT 12 2023

New York City ~ COMING SOON