Oh TWO-dles!!

I can't tell you the amount of joy that was in this room. I am so honored than mom and dad brought little Miss Syd to me to capture her 2nd birthday portraits. Especially with her little brother on the way. When they told me her theme I know we needed to go sparkly for her session. I loved the way this came out and that smile on her face was the icing for me. Her theme was Minnie Mouse with a play on "Toodles" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This was the perfect theme for the beginning of her birthday photo shoot.

Full of Personality

They had a chant that worked wonders to get this little lady to open up and give me the sweetest smiles. She was absolutely smitten with her daddy. You could see that he brought out all the giggles and personality in her. When your child turns 2 you start to see more and more of the person they will grow up to be. She will definitely grow up to have her dad's sense of humor and mother's caring nature. She made sure at every turn Minnie was sitting upright. When she fell over she picked her up and kissed her.

Tea Anyone?

We ended her session with this adorable frilly, girly tea set up. She helped set it up and was even ready to serve us our own little cups of tea from her butterfly ceramic tea set. We wanted to continue with the pink color scheme so I used a bunch of peonies, roses, carnations and tulip arrangements to make a custom floral garland for her backdrop as well as some greenery around her little rustic table. This makes me want a daughter of my own. Because even though she had personality like her dad, she looks so much like her gorgeous mommy.

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