Destination Portrait Investment

T. Reichert Photography is a big believer in providing a luxury experience for all of our sessions, even the sessions abroad. We are so excited to provide this service for those around the United States and beyond. This is an investment in the preservation of your family's legacy and growth.

Travel Portrait Experience starts at $1600

The $1600 Session Fee covers a culmination of aspects for your session. The Session Fee covers our session together and officially places you on our calendar. Once you are officially booked, we begin crafting your session from the ground up. Each session starts with our FREE Zoom Consultation this way we get to know each other just a little better.

The $1600 Session Fee includes a $500 Print Credit to be used during your Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

All digital images and print products are purchased at your Gallery Reveal and Ordering Appointment. Portrait Products start at $175 with clients investing anywhere from $1700 to $2900.

Learn more about what is included in the session types below.

Destination Portrait Experience starts at $1600

International Portrait Experience starts at $2600

Studio & Location Maternity

Up to 5 Hour Session

Professional Makeup

Access to Maternity Gowns {up to 5 looks}

Hair Accessories

Ordering Appointment

Modern Portrait

Up to 3 Hour Session On-Location

Professional Makeup

Access to Maternity Gowns {up to 5 looks}

Hair Accessories

Ordering Appointment


Up to 3 Hour Session

Professional Makeup

Access to Client Closet {up to 5 looks}

Hair Accessories

Ordering Appointment

What is a Print Credit?

A Common Question

The most common question I get with my travel sessions happens to be "what is a Print Credit?"

I love this question because I get to clarify which is huge for me. Your included Print Credit is a pre-established dollar amount that you, the client, will use toward your product purchase at your Reveal & Ordering Appointment. During our Reveal & Ordering Appointment, We sit down together and go over your professionally retouched images and decide on how you wish to display your portraits at home. Your Print Credit will be deducted from your total portrait order.

Ex: Total purchase is $2100 - $500 Print Credit = $1600 difference owed

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Wondering about our session process and the amount of fun we will have? Contact us below and let's get a phone consultation scheduled. I would love to chat with you!

maternity newborn baby photographer worldwide for travel international countries united states destination


Joanne H.

Working with Theresa was an absolute pleasure. She has such a wonderful and warm personality. She was so upbeat it kept all of our sessions fun. My son still asks about her because she was so awesome with him and got him to sit still and pose during our session. I would highly recommend her and her services!!


What cities do you travel to?

We have successfully done destination sessions in Jacksonville, Savannah, Atlanta, Kansas City, Miami, Orlando, Washington DC, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. We are open to travel throughout the 50 States and beyond.

What's included in the session fee?

All session are broken down above. To sum it up, you're getting time with me, your photographer, access to the travel-ready studio props that correspond with your session type, any additional vendors related to your session, client wardrobe, set-ups and hands-on service along with your Print Credit.

Why is product separate from the session fee?

I have decided to make this change years ago because past clients have expressed their want for tangible products along with digital. I want my clients to be happy and love what they take home. The session fee covers the service part of your experience. I pride myself on being a one-stop-shop for all of my sessions. The product purchased at the end shows how you want to display your art. This is perfect because you get to go home with exactly what you love without any fillers or things that you don't want.

Do I have to order prints through you?

It is recommended that you do print through me. My images are calibrated to the professional print lab that I use. This ensures that color and print quality are of a higher standard. However, with your print release you are free to print wherever you wish. As stated on the print release, I am not responsible for the quality of color, crop or paper that your lab provides you.

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