Gracefully Carrying

Y'all! Can you believe this momma was 39 weeks gestational? Can you believe she was on baby #6? Can you believe it was 98º at the beach with hundreds of people watching?

If your answer to all of these were "no", then you are just as stunned as I was. To say that Ikea was the epitome of grace and poise in the most uncomfortable circumstances is the understatement of the year. Everywhere we looked there were people stopping and staring at this beauty. Rightfully so, I believe. It was hot and extremely humid, but that did not stop her from accomplishing her maternity photo session.

We kept in mind that she was pregnant so we made sure she was hydrated and as happy as

we could ensure. We started the session off at the jetty rocks on St. Augustine's well-known, Vilano Beach along the A1A coast. Mom brought her own custom pieces, including the flower bathing suit set along with her own mermaid tail. Because of the heat index, we started off slow with some more natural poses for her. As mom started to warm up to the many eyes watching her that inner goddess came out and was ready to slay! She told me with all the confidence in the world that she wanted some poses on the rocks. With dad's assistance, she hopped up there and gave me all kinds of life in her poses. Have a look for yourself.

Once I had officially caught my breath after all the awesomeness captured, we changed her into her final look. She had another custom bra with sea shells, pearls and starfish attached. I love the gold and burgundy contrast against her beautifully radiant skin complexion. We placed a crown, provided by the studio, on her luxurious curly hair. Mom has a deep love for mermaids and I definitely wanted to make sure I brought her little mermaid dreams to life. You are never too old for the Little Mermaid.

Through all of the many obstacles faced that day, her session was a huge success and has been published many times by those that just loved her charm. I am so proud of Ikea. She could have backed down and rescheduled for a cooler day, but she was determined to get these moments captured. That is just the truest testiment to the way we as women conquer the day. No mater what is put against us we are up for the challenge and will never take the easy road. Ikea, you are an inspiration and congratulations on the sweetest baby girl joining the world a few days later!!

Check out the rest of her session below!

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