I so wish time would slow down just a little, but it doesn't. They're growing right before your eyes. You blink and then they're One! Let's capture this fleeting stage in their first year development. They'll never be this small again.

Our full-service boutique studio located in Queens Village, NY offers access to an extensive prop collection, wardrobe for boys and girls ranging from 3 to 18 months, assorted accessories and is fully accredited by the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) in Newborn & Baby safety. Allow T.R.P. to capture their newest adventure so they don't fade away! You will miss it if you don't.

“Theresa is AMAZING!!! I am so blessed to have found her as our photographer. She is extremely patient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Her talent behind the lens is unmatched.”

What stage is this session for?

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Tummy Time

During this stage (3-5 months avg.) your baby has learned to lay on their bellies and raise their heads. They are using their hands and legs to kick and swing around. They are more alert than ever and notice surroundings, both new and familiar. This is the stage where we capture the wonder in their eyes, budding personalities and even a nap. Tummy time sessions are perfect for those little babies that are not quite sitting up unassisted just yet.

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Oh Lord! They are on the move. There is no stopping this little one now. During this stage (6-11 months avg.) your baby has learned to sit upright without the help of you or an object; they may even be crawling, pulling up or walking. They take joy in grabbing their feet and playing with their hands. Some may even have teeth. For this session we document their new found curiosity and motor skills all before turning the big ONE!

What's the oldest age for a milestone session?

Our Milestone Sessions are perfect for babies up to 18 months old. We have wardrobe and props that will fit that age range for both boys and girls. Our pieces are unique to our studio and even have multiples for families with twins, triplets and so on. All toys and props are sanitized between use being that babies at this stage use their mouths to explore the world around them.

All baby wardrobes are cleaned in between use as well. We use baby-safe, fragrance & dye free detergents to minimize possible baby skin irritants.

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