Often, this job will allow me to meet some pretty amazing people. Some of those amazing people become like family. In this case, Ms. Shay actually knew my husband and his band of best friends from years prior (way before I even moved to GA). She had an idea I was Isaac's wife because of our rather distinct last name. When we met for her session she had her sister and her boyfriend with her. We got her all dolled up and decorated her hair with the first flower crown. During casual conversation I mentioned my husband by name and that's when it clicked for her. Her old roommate was my husband's best friend!! So amazing how this line of work connects me with long time pals of not only my clients, but my husband as well.

From then it was a piece of cake. Not only did I have a stunning woman in front of me, full of anxiety to meet her new little man, but I had good people around; family!

I personally couldn't get over those gorgeous curls. Please enjoy the rest of her session and I know is happy with her portraits.