There are many reasons why parents do milestone sessions for their baby (like this session we did for Jaxon, who is 6 months old). The most obvious is that their child is growing like crazy and they want to forever preserve those changes in photographs. The reason I offer them is solely because baby's of all stages ought to be celebrated. As a mom to a rainbow baby I knew that at ever turn he was continuing on his journey of miraculous proportions.

I wanted my son to grow up and be able to look back on his growth. He wont remember the stages I capture, but having high-quality portraits will definitely make that must easier. Of course, you and I can take pictures on our phones. None of that compares to what I can capture for you; what I can dream up for your little one with a some of your ideas to go with it. So think about the preservation of your legacy.

Look at those bright eyes! Wouldn't you want to see that every time you wake up of your own little miracle baby? Let's capture this moment in their progression.