Sitter Session

Elizabeth is my second "Wise" baby from their family and I am so blessed that they trusted me to capture their little lady. Her brother happened to look just like daddy. I see nothing but momma in her facial expressions and smile. As a mom, you just hope to see a glimpse of yourself in your baby. After all, you worked for 10 long months to create these little loves.

This Spring we spent time with Elizabeth and witnessed how much she has grown in 3 short months. Last time we saw her was for Christmas portraits in November. In February this beauty came in to play with the little chicks and dance along to her favorite tune.

She looked so adorable in our Spring Mini set up for this year. It's unfortunate that we didn't get a chance to actually use it due to the Covid-19 virus. I am so glad she enjoyed our set up. It was perfect for her little self.

We moved her to her next setup and watching her get acquainted with the flowers, swing and grass was too funny. Her dad kept a smile on her face with his music blasting behind me. He even did a little jig or two to keep her entertained. We also had momma sit on the floor with her. This is just so you can get an idea of what does into getting the perfect shot. We want our babies to be happy and YOU guys make them the happiest.

It is going to be so bittersweet when I get to photograph her First Birthday Cake Smash session. My little Liz will always hold a spot in my heart right next to her older brother Hendrix.

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