Prints Speak Volume!

We are living in the biggest digital age with instant access to social media, laptops, handheld computers and so much more. These things are ever changing; ever evolving and loosing value almost as instant as its climb. But, prints have always stood the test of time. Printed artwork brings you right back to the very emotion you felt when you saw it for the first time. It shows what you hold value in. You've watched as generations of your family displayed their loved ones on the walls, shelves and mantles. With you starting your own family, it's your turn to share with the world and your guest what you hold near and dear. Share the beauty of your custom artwork, the glamour of your albums and showstopping specialty pieces.

Custom Works of Art

Display the Ones You Love Most!

When was the last time you walked pass a blank wall in your home? That space would hold even more value if it was adorned with the faces you love most. Seeing their smiles, genuine moments and laughter warms your heart, so why not have that up for the world to see? You shouldn't have to search your digital archives and social media for these moments when they can be right in front of you, decorating your beautiful home.

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Framed Gallery Wrap

These are a stunning step up from the average canvas print. These beautiful Framed Gallery Wraps are of handcrafted from museum quality materials and printed to last. These framed wall art pieces are Ready To Hang with a marvelously polished finish that will go with any home-scape. We have some stunning options for you to choose from.

Starting at $520

kansas city newborn maternity photography photo shoot lee's summit liberty independence family milestone sitter baby

Acrylic Mounts

We love putting a spin on some of our clients' most loved products. You can always hang our Mounted Prints on your wall, but if you truly wish to stun your guest or be "wowed" by your images, then you definitely need to try our Mounted Acrylics. These are a stunning step up from the average portrait print. Though the prints are gorgeous, our Mounted Acrylics luxurious feel is understated! We have some stunning sizes for you to choose from that will fit your space.

Starting at $520

Prestige Luxe Albums

Prestige Luxe Album

White Glove Experience

When you touch these pieces you can feel just how amazing the quality is. These weighted, vibrant albums bring your moments back to life with every page flip. All of our albums are handcrafted in Germany using genuine materials to make a product for you that will last for years to come. The Acrylic Cover brings a special luxury touch to the album, showcasing your favorite image from that particular session in high-definition.

These are great pieces for your coffee table or mantle, in hopes of wowing your guests and displaying what is most important to you.

Prestige Luxe Albums start at $2300

Prestige Folio Box

We encourage you to share the excitement with your families by sharing with them our Prestige Folio Box. All of our prints are crafted on museum archival portrait paper and matted to perfection. The prints are UV-coated and mildew protected to stand the test of time. When you feel these portraits you will be drawn into just how gorgeous they really are.

We offer two (2) perfect cover options for out 8x10 box; acrylic custom print and luxurious linen starting at $1810.

kansas city newborn maternity photography photo shoot lee's summit liberty independence family milestone sitter baby


Living in a digital age often deters people from printing their memories. Don't fall into that category. You have a higher chance of a digital device corrupting than that of a house fire. You don't want to lose these memories, especially the ones that can never be re-lived. They will only be small for so long and you can never be pregnant with them again. We will help you print and display your images proudly.

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At T. Reichert Photography Studio, we believe in offering some of the world's top products made especially for your family.

Additional artwork such as custom designed cards, gift prints, our specialty line, and digital images are also available for purchase and will be further discussed at your consultation.

On average, our clients spend $750-$2100 on their portraits, but we have a wide spending range from $95 to $5,000+.

There is no minimum this way you take home products and portraits you absolutely love!

We offer payment plan options to allow our .

To see all of these beautiful products in person, schedule your consultation today!

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