When these sweet little people join your family, it is always a miracle. This little miracle came into the world ready to meet his family. I got to meet mom and grandma, but Little Miss Laila stole the show. She was full of energy and watched over her brother during the entire session. I can only imagine that he will be just as attentive and protective of his sister. Though little, he still gave the room so much joy! I am honored to introduce Mr. Lynix to you all!

newborn boy photo session ideas

I always ask parents what the color scheme or theme is for the session. What is the vision? For boy newborn sessions I often hear baby blue and grey. This time around mom was open to suggestions for her session colors. When I hear "BE creative" I get excited. As a #boymom I am always complaining that clothing companies stick our boys in dull colors patterned with sharks, bulldozers and monsters. When I hear "be creative", I look for all kinds of colors that will be great for boys. In this case we went with Teal, white, olive and other neutrals. I wouldn't be me if I didn't add some greenery/foliage. These colors make me so happy. I was even happier when mom invited me into the nursery to see that the colors I chose went perfectly with his room scheme.

I enjoy dressing all of my babies up in little animal bonnets, but mom requested the fox. This will go perfect in his nursery.